With Hospitals, Government buildings, and jails, increasing in size annually, so are their demands for new technologies and electrical upgrades and expansion. Hurt Electric has vast experience in these areas ranging from the design and coordination of work in the prisons, to the remodeling of County Courthouse’s.

Correctional Facilities

These projects require timely coordination and customer relations. Hurt Electric has a large amount of experience working in the Prison and Jail systems throughout Wisconsin. Power distribution, CCTV installations, lighting retrofitting, and performance upgrades, to name a few, are some of the items we can help you with.


Some of the most critical types of work that can be performed happen in Hospitals. When life safety is of the upmost importance, Hurt Electric can boast that we are experienced in all facets of this type of work from new Fire Alarm installations, power distribution, to hospital suite work, and emergency power systems.

Government Buildings

Hurt Electric has worked in this field for many years performing at the highest level. From lighting retrofit projects, to UPS power system design and installations, we have the team in place to work under any conditions and exceed all expectations.

A Building Maintenance program can be one of our customer’s best investments. No business owner can afford the downtime associated with an electrical malfunction. Hurt Electric offers maintenance programs to prevent such an occurrence. We perform regular tests and maintenance on electrical equipment, as well as incorporate a 24/7 emergency service line for those incidents that just can’t be prevented. We feel this is the best way to really understand your business, and learn how we can best help you to stay efficient.