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  Specifically, what type of work does Hurt do?
Commercial, Industrial and Institutional. All types of electrical work including designing/building, new construction, remodeling and servicing.
  What is Hurt's geographical service area?
Southeastern Wisconsin, but increased area coverage has been established for repeat customers.
  Is Hurt licensed, bonded and insured to do work?
Yes. Hurt has State of Wisconsin Certified Master Electricians and State of Wisconsin Designers of Engineering Systems. Hurt also carries insurance that surpasses requirements on most mandated minimums on state and federal project requirements. Hurt has bonding available to meet most needs, including bid bonds, performance bonds, etc.
  What are Hurt's rates?
Hurt has competitive rates while providing a highly skilled labor force to meet your needs. Rates may vary according to projects/services required. Call or e-mail for rates or project cost estimates.
  Is Hurt union or non-union?
Hurt consists of union electricians that are highly skilled members of local union #494 - International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. Furthermore, owners Henry, Ron and Tim are also members of the national organization N.E.C.A. (National Electrical Contractors Association). Hurt Electric, Inc. is owned and run in accordance with State of Wisconsin Statutes and to the standards set by the Electrical Organizations to which the owners belong.

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